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ZEN DEN - Self-Care Sunday

21st April - 19th May

2pm - 9pm

From £99.00, see link for detials

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Are you feeling uninspired? Is your instructor’s playlist no longer fulfilling you? Don’t have the motivation to get yourself to the theatre? Here you will find a game- changing innovation that’s breaking new ground.

Created & hosted by Kerry Spark, West End Actor (by night) & Yoga / Meditation Instructor (by day). Kerry merges these two worlds together into one immersive space. Extracting the serenity of the yoga studio. Along with the magic from the theatre. This intersection together has the power to transport you somewhere beyond words could explain. Searching for something more than what your current weekly routine has to offer? Welcome to HAUS OF SPARK. HAUS OF SPARK was born after masterminding techniques that balance this trio in harmony. Led by the mindset of reinvention and creativity, whilst merging different eastern and western practices together.

Creator Kerry Spark discovered that blending these practices with an immersive aspect could create an unmatched experience. Something that expands the spirit, balances the body and empowers the mind. Kerry identified a lack of inspiration amongst the yoga & meditation classes in London. Following an investment in personal & professional development, Kerry Spark conceptualised HAUS OF SPARK. A space dedicated in designing wellness experiences that push physical, mental & spiritual boundaries. A place to check-in your personal energy levels and vibrational frequency. From scents attaching to airwaves at different pinned moments. To the shear healing power of music. Synced with Kerry’s extensive background doing 8 shows a week in London's west-end.

HAUS OF SPARK is able to curate well-being experiences into the next frontier.

ZEN DEN - Self-Care Sunday

21 April 2024

2pm - 9pm

From £99.00, see link for detials

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