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Eliza sat on the sanctuary furniture with a shaft of sunlight shining on her.

Church Cats

The restoration of the church was not the only exciting thing to happen to St Paul's in 2021. In June, we welcomed Eliza and Mrs Higgins to their new home. They quickly took over and the church belongs to them now, we are simply permitted to be in it.

Eliza loves visitors and will happily say hello. She loves a good stroke. Mrs Higgins is quite shy and will often run away, if she can be seen at all. If she permits you to stroke her, consider yourself very lucky!

Inigo and Jones

You may remember our old church cats, Inigo and Jones. Sadly, Inigo died in 2016 and Jones in 2020. They came to us when a congregation member died and left his four cats behind. Two of the cats were adopted by other members of the congregation and the remaining two, Inigo and Jones, came to St Paul's. They were very popular with visitors and are remembered fondly for their antics including falling asleep on a bride's train and sauntering up the aisle during a funeral, preparing to jump on the coffin.

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