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Weather Policy

Throughout the year we programme a variety of events, including plays, concerts and parties, that take place outdoors and allow our audiences to enjoy the beautiful gardens here at the Actors’ Church.

Some of the most memorable moments at the Actors’ Church are when the sun slowly sets during Twelfth Night. Alternatively, there can be huge appeal to sitting in the rain, watching a particularly dramatic monologue from Macbeth!

The weather during the Great British summertime can famously (or infamously) be unpredictable! We will endeavour to never cancel a show, however in some cases, for safety reasons, this may be possible. As a result, we run a Weather Exchange Policy to support our customers that have their performances affected by the rain.

We ask that you please check if the event you are booking a ticket for takes place outdoors. By booking a ticket for an outdoor event, customers accept that weather, climate, temperature and light conditions, are out of the control of the Actors’ Church, and may impact their visit.

In 99.9% of cases, we will never cancel a show before its scheduled start time - this is due to how quickly the weather can clear up. In some cases, it may be possible for us to postpone the start of a performance, or in some cases of heavy weather, pause the performance for a short time.

In these instances, we are not able to refund your ticket, and the Weather Exchange Policy will not come into effect.

The only reason we will cancel a show before its scheduled start time, will be if the temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. This is largely to protect our performers, stage managers, staff and audiences from travelling through Central London.

If dangerous weather persists during the performance, and shows no sign of stopping, the performance will be cancelled. The decision to cancel a show lies solely with the management at St Paul’s. In cases where you choose to leave a performance because of the weather, management chooses not to cancel the performance, we will not be able to refund your ticket and the Weather Exchange Policy will not come into effect.

However, if you do choose to leave a performance that does go onto be cancelled, the Weather Exchange Policy will come into effect.

Weather Exchange Policy

This policy will only come into effect if we cancel an event due to dangerous weather.

This policy is solely for customers who purchase their ticket through the Actors’ Church Box Office. This policy does not apply if you have purchased your ticket through an alternate vendor (TodayTix, See Tickets etc).

If an event for which you have purchased a ticket is cancelled, our Box Office staff will firstly send you an email informing you, and outlining this Weather Exchange Policy.

Please note, the Actors’ Church accepts no responsibilities if customers do not read their email in time, and arrive to a cancelled performance.

We will make a further attempt to contact you via email the following day after the cancelled performance, and exchange your ticket. However, if we are unable to reach you a second time, it will be the responsibility of the customer to contact the Box Office and exchange their ticket.  

You can contact the Box Office in two ways:

•      You can contact us by phone at 020 7836 5221

•      You can email us at

There is no deadline on the Exchange Policy, and you can exchange your ticket for any upcoming performance you choose. However, your ability to exchange into a particular show on a particular date and time will be subject to the availability of seats or spaces at that show on that date and time.

We will endeavour to change your ticket for a performance with a ticket price as close to your original booking.

If you exchange for a performance with a ticket price that is less than the original price you paid, we are not able to refund you the difference in cost.

If you exchange for a performance with a ticket price that is more than the original price you paid, you will pay the difference in cost, plus a 90p booking fee. There will no administrative charge.

If it is not possible to exchange your ticket to a future performance, we will then ask you if you would like to donate the cost of your ticket to The Actors’ Church. As a charity, we rely on the goodwill and support from our donors to allow us to continue supporting early-career artists in the heart of Covent Garden.

If you do not wish to donate your ticket cost, we will then process a refund for you. Please see our Ticket Refund Policy for more information.

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