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Camões' Poetry

8th June


Standard £25, Child (13-15) £5, Under 12 Free, Membership Tickets Avaliable with Discount Code

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Join The Anglo-Portuguese Society for a captivating concert by O Coral Divo Canto, a choir from Penacova, Portugal, commemorating the 500th anniversary of Camões' birth. Experience Portugal's essence as Camões' poetry dances with tradition and embark on a musical journey not to be missed!

Through this concert we honour the legacy of Portugal's greatest poet, Luís de Camões, through an enchanting musical journey.

Camões, known as the "Portuguese Homer," is revered for his epic poem "Os Lusíadas," which celebrates Portugal's maritime achievements and explores themes of discovery, heroism, and national identity. His profound influence on Portuguese literature and culture is celebrated annually on Portugal Day, observed on June 10th, the anniversary of Camões' death.

This commemorative concert offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the soul-stirring verses of Camões, set to traditional Portuguese melodies performed by O Coral Divo Canto. Experience the rich tapestry of Portugal's cultural heritage as we journey through Camões' timeless poetry, intertwined with the vibrant traditions of the Portuguese people.

The Coral Divo Canto, is an amateur mixed choir, that embodies the cultural spirit of Penacova, Portugal. Founded in 2003, it began with a group of enthusiasts exploring the world of choral music, evolving into a dynamic ensemble of which 30 will be performing. Led by Maestro Pedro André Rodrigues since 2009, the choir has flourished, presenting a diverse repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary pieces, and traditional Portuguese melodies to sacred compositions. Over the years, the choir has showcased its talent not only in Penacova but also across Portugal, captivating audiences from Faro to Guimarães. With notable performances including the presentation of C.W. Gluck's opera "Orfeo ed Euridice" in 2014 and participation in the 1st Solidarity Meeting of Penacova in 2017, the Coral Divo Canto continues to be a driving force in promoting choral music and fostering cultural exchanges within the community and beyond.


Please note there is no set seating or this event.

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Camões' Poetry

8 June 2024


Standard £25, Child (13-15) £5, Under 12 Free, Membership Tickets Avaliable with Discount Code

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