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ESPRIT PUR - A Free Lunchtime Concert

30th March


Free to attend


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St Paul's Church welcomes Jacqueline Kroft and Patsy Gamble for a number of classical duets from the Piano and Saxophone Preludes.

Patsy contacted Jacqueline with ideas for incorporating the Saxophone onto the Piano Preludes Vol 01 shortly after its release. After sending over her ideas, Jacqueline knew that it was a perfect fit and that Patsy had captured the Pure Spirit of the work. 

Set List

Piano and Saxophone Preludes 01 - 11


As a solo pianist, Jacqueline Kroft showcases her exceptional talent and creativity in exploring different ideas on the piano, resulting in an album that is both adventurous and joyous. The sound of the album is acoustic and relaxing, perfect for studying or setting a cinematic soundtrack.

The recording quality is exceptional, and the fact that it was recorded in Jacqueline's studio adds a personal touch to the album. Her influences in classical, electronic, rock, and pop music are evident, and she blends them seamlessly to create a classic sound that is uniquely her own.

"Catch Up - Prelude 06" is a prime example of Jacqueline's exceptional talent, and it leaves the listener eagerly anticipating the next volume. The Artist has outdone herself, and this album is a testament to her artistic vision and dedication to the craft.

Connect with Jacqueline Kroft.

Review from Songweb:

Overall, “Piano Preludes Vol.02” is a captivating and genuinely gorgeous compilation of piano preludes that will uplift, motivate, and enchant audiences. The melodies are breathtaking, and the rhythmic interludes add a layer of intricacy that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. You can feel Jacqueline’s passion and devotion in every note, and these works are a labor of love. What stands out about this EP is the feeling of warmth and sincerity that pervades each piece. Also, the EP is a testament to the power of music to inspire and elevate us, and it’s a great addition to any music lover’s library.

Listen to the “Piano Preludes Vol.02” by Jacqueline Kroft on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

Since the Piano Preludes were written in the solitude of the English Countryside and to enhance the beauty of their collaboration it was decided to tour English Churches and Cathedrals with these inspiring performances.


Please note there are no public toilets on site, the nearest are located just outside the church on the Piazza.

Please note there is no set seating or this event. We are operating some COVID measures within the church.

- We ask that you wear a mask whilst in the building. 

- We have provided a number of sanitiser stations.

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Jacqueline Kroft


Jacqueline Kroft is a singer/songwriter and composer who started playing and studying the piano from 10 years of age with private lessons including composition. After Art College ( NCIA in Victoria,BC. ) Jacqueline returned to the Toronto Royal Conservatory to get her Grade 8 in Piano and started studying jazz. She was soon performing in Canada, Europe and England as a solo artist. At the same time composing and working with Sony and Warner Bros. culminating in seven albums, six singles, including a film score and some television titles. She has collaborated with many talented artists such as her late husband Geoffrey Burgon, John Giblin, Stuart Elliott and many more.

Patsy Gamble


Patsy Gamble is a session saxophonist, who has performed and recorded all over the UK, and Europe with many different artists including Steve Winwood, and Mick Jagger. Patsy also leads her own band, was a British Blues Award finalist in 2011 and 2012, and has composed and performed her acclaimed suite for saxophone and church organ ‘In Remembrance’ in Gloucester and Bristol Cathedrals.

ESPRIT PUR - A Free Lunchtime Concert

30 March 2023


Free to attend

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