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Songs From The Invisible

6 October 2022


Free to attend

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The Actors Church is delighted to welcome Iñigo Galiano and Azima Melita Kolin to perform a selection of classical pieces along with works of poetry from across the globe.


                Poems                                               Music

1. Going on a journey – Rumi                     Bach Toccata D minor

2. I have been a seeker – Rumi                  Scriabin Prelude op.17 N.4

3. today like every day – Rumi                    Bach Siciliano

4. I am so tired – Rumi                              Bach Sarabande G minor

5. there is nothing in – Kabir                      Scriabin Prelude op.11 N 4

6. When the house – Rumi                         Scriabin Prelude op.11 N 9

7. I am the rest between – Rilke                 Scriabin Prelude op.16 N 4

8. Stay with those -Rumi                            Scriabin Prelude op. 11 N 13

9. The wind one day – Machado                  Bach Sarabande F minor

10. Again and again – Rilke                         Scriabin Prelude op. 17 N 6

11. It is always a danger- Hafiz                   Scriabin Prelude op. C Sharp

12. This we have now – Rumi                      Scriabin Prelude op.31 N 4

13. The time will come – Walcott                 Scriabin Prelude op. 35 N 2

14. Everything that touches – Rilke              Scriabin Prelude op. 11 N21

15. Those tender words – Rumi                   Bach Choral F minor


Please note there are no public toilets on site, the closet are located just outside the church on the Piazza.

Please note there is no set seating or this event. We are operating some COVID measures within the church.

- We ask that you wear a mask whilst in the building. 

- We have provided a number of sanitiser stations.


Azima Melita Kolin

Poetry & Piano

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, she graduated at the Music Academy of Sofia, Academy Santa Cecilia in Rome, and graduated with distinction “Virtuosity” at the Geneva Conservatory. After winning prizes at the international piano competitions in Leipzig, Barcelona and Taormina, she gave numerous recitals and concerts with orchestras in Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, England and America. She created the Dunvegan Chamber Music Festival on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, which she directed for ten years and performed with many international guest musicians.

In 1997 she was inspired by the 13th century Persian mystical poet Rumi and began a series of concert-readings, combining Rumi's poems with the classical music of Bach, Beethoven, Scriabin and Brahms. In a joint effort with speakers and musicians of various nationalities, she has given many concerts in England, Scotland, Germany and Spain. In November 2001 she performed, in collaboration with Persian artists at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. 

Over the last ten years, in collaboration with Maryam Mafi, she has published five books of Rumi’s poetry: Whispers of the Beloved, Hidden Music, Gardens of the Beloved, Little Book of Love and Little Book of Life.

Inigo Galiano

Poetry & Voice

Iñigo Galiano. Born in Madrid in 1987, started acting at the Teatro de Camara Chejov de Madrid playing the main part in the Spanish classic “Lazarillo of Tormes” at the age of 17, a few years later Inigo graduated in Art History at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and was granted an Erasmus scholarship at Oxford Brookes University, where he studied English and Drama. Inigo is currently the Associate director of the Michael Chekhov Studio London. His film and TV credits include:

ONYX: Kings of the Grail(2018), Vanda (2021 opto tv) A rua das Flores(2022 TVi), Spaniards in London and Noche de chicas (2023 Disney +)

Songs From The Invisible

6 October 2022


Free to attend

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