Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have toilets at the church?

There are no public toilets in the church. We DO have an accessible toilet for use BY DISABLED PERSONS ONLY. There are toilets in the Piazza, a few minutes walk from the church.

Where are the church cats?

We have two new cats, Eliza and Mrs Higgins, who can be visited in the church most days.

You may remember our old cats, Inigo and Jones. Sadly, Inigo, died in 2016. Jones kept going until April 2020 but has now passed away.

There are many memorial plaques to famous people in the church. Are they buried here?

Mostly not. Many members of the entertainment industry are remembered here, as we are known as the Actors’ Church, but they are rarely buried here, as the churchyard was closed to burial in 1852. The ashes of Ellen Terry and Edith Evans are interred here.

I would like to purchase a bench to remember someone. How do I do that?

Unfortunately, our garden is now full, and we are not accepting any more benches. Our new pews can be dedicated to remember someone. Do contact us to discuss this or other ways of remembering someone here.

When does the Christmas Card shop open?

The cards for good causes Christmas shop normally opens on the last Saturday in October, and is open Monday to Saturday until the third week of December (with Sunday opening from November)

How can I research family history connection with St. Paul’s?

We do not really have the staff to help with ancestral searches. It is best to contact Westminster City Council archives, or use a commercial company.

Is there a Crypt under the church?

The truth is, we are not quite sure. We know that there are burial vaults under the church (as these are frequently referred to). However, we are currently undertaking surveys and research to discover the extent of the crypt, and whether we could reopen it for community and church use.

Do you have a church hall or meeting rooms that we could hire?

We regret that we have no church hall or available meeting rooms.

Can I buy tickets for an event from the church?

You can buy tickets for most events at St. Paul’s by visiting the front page of this website.

Can I hire the garden?

Yes, our garden is available for hire for certain events. Please contact the office for details.

Why does the church close the gardens from time to time?

The church garden is private property. We close the garden from time to time for maintenance, cleaning and in preparation for some events. If you plan a special visit, or are coming from afar, it is wise to call us, or consult the front page of this website before visiting.

What are the church organ's specifications?

Swell: With unbalanced ratchet type lever.
8 open diapason
8 stopt diapason
8 dulciana (tuned as celeste)
4 prinipal
2 fifteeth
mix III
16 Double trumpet
8 Horn
8 Hautboy
Swell Tremulant
(found under choir stops!)

16 Diapason
8 Open Diapason
8 Flute
8 Bell gamba
4 Principal
2 2/3 Twelfth
2 Fifteenth
mix III
8 trump

8 Dulciana (tuned as celeste)
8 stopt Diapason
4 Clear flute
3 flute
2 princ
8 clarionet

16 open wood
16 bourdon
16 posaune

Pedal octave coupler (is on permanently)
Sw to Ped
Gt to Ped
Sw to Gt
Unbalanced swell lever, ratchet type
Tracker throughout, heavy when coupled.
Manual 56 (Top note G)
ped 30 (top note f)
4 Victorian type combination pedals for great only.
No other playing aids.


Ticketing FAQ

Who is eligible for concession tickets?

Full time students, under 18-year-olds, senior citizens (65+)

What is the policy on photography/filming during a show?

We do not allow any filming or photography during any of our shows.

When booking with St Paul's Church, is there a booking fee when buying a ticket?

There is a 0.90p booking fee for phone and online sales. This is to help cover the costs of offering an in-house box office at the church.

Are there reserved seats?

Most productions and concerts at St Paul's Church are unallocated seating and you cannot reserve seats but if there is allocated or reserved seating you will be prompted when booking tickets.

What is your refunds policy?

Tickets may only be refunded in the case of a cancelled show by us. Refunds are not given for cancellation or abandonment of a show as a result of the weather, or for any other circumstances.

Can I reschedule for a different performance / amend my booking?

We can reschedule provided you give us 48 hours notice in writing to info@actorschurch.org


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