Tenebrae (08 April)


08 April


Join St Paul's Choir for a beautiful evening of the traditional Tenebrae. Playing at 7.30pm with a Link posted HERE

Very sadly, it is not possible to hold the great Holy Week services in Church. This is a profound desolation, but it cannot be helped. However, we ARE able to offer SOMETHING to help everyone get through this dreadful time, and, more importantly, to know that Our Lord Jesus Christ JOINS in our suffering…that is what Holy Week is all about.

You can hear a recording of the Choir of St. Paul’s, singing ‘Tenebrae’. This is an ancient and very beautiful meditation on the events of Holy Week. It is quite long so you might want to dip in and out of it. However, the best effect comes if you stay with the whole thing.


Playing at at 7.30pm as the light begins to go, and we are drawn towards the darkness of Good Friday.

The link will be published HERE

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