Colouring Life With Music – Celebrating 21 years of Musiko Musika (12 October)

Colouring Life With Music – Celebrating 21 years of Musiko Musika

12 October


World music from Quimantu and ECCO fundraising for Musiko Musika

The exceptionally talented Anglo-Chilean band Quimantu perform a special concert to celebrate Musiko Musika’s 21 years of cultural, social and musical action with the community. Featuring the dynamic young musicians of the Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestra and special guests Martin Morales (DJ, producer, chef & restaurateur), and pianist Ryan Drucker.

“Quimantu” and “Musiko Musika” are the two names by which we have chosen to identify the outlook and the artistic path by which we walk through life and share our cultural aspirations in education, respect, freedom and justice for humanity. In this special fundraising concert we will be celebrating the achievements of Musiko Musika, through the musical artistry of Quimantu, and the unique visionary spirit that is the ECCO (Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestra), a youth ensemble that embodies the creative future of our culturally diverse communities. 

We are delighted to be welcoming two special friends of Musiko Musika and Quimantu to join us for the performance. Young pianist Ryan Drucker is a rising star forging his career nationally and internationally as a soloist and chamber musician. Martin Morales, who will be hosting the concert, has used his diverse talents to attain international success and acclaim as a DJ, music producer and more recently as a chef and restaurateur. 

The concert will encompass music from around the globe, reflecting the truly diverse interests, roots and heritage of Quimantu and the young people of the ECCO. Under the expert guidance of Quimantu’s Director Mauricio Venegas-Astorga the evening will be infused by Latin beats, soaring melodies and passionate performances. 

“Venegas and Quimantu received a standing ovation last night for their outstanding concert in the Casa de la Cultura, an event which was a real gift for the ears of the people of Coronel, with the wonderful blend of sounds and the perfect execution of each musical piece by the members of this superb cosmopolitan group.” Municipalidad de Coronel, July 2019

“Quimantu’s musical offering reflects their deep knowledge, study and respect for the musical traditions of the world. The instruments are presented without pre-conceptions or bias in the service of ancestral musical culture, like a very welcome self-assured sensory game.” Panchote Bascur Sánchez, August 2019

The Anglo-Chilean band Quimantu creates a unique cultural blend through their exceptional use of the numerous traditional folk styles of Latin America, skilfully incorporated with contemporary influences, from Western Classical music, to Celtic, African and Indian styles to name just a few. Their line-up features the youthful talents of Laura Venegas-Rojas whose warm and velvety vocals are complemented by virtuosic violins and cello, the brilliance of guitars, charango and cuatro and the vibrant rhythms of Latin percussion.

The ECCO (Ethnic Contemporary Classical Orchestras), is a project to create youth music ensembles that reflect the diversity and musical interests of the young players and their families. Rooted in, but not constrained by tradition, the ECCO is based on the concept of a classical orchestra but reaches far beyond it in terms of instrumentation, repertoire and approach. The parents and families of the young musicians are also directly involved in the project, singing and playing alongside their children, and connecting the project culturally to the diversity of our communities.

All profits from the concert will be donated to Musiko Musika (registered charity no. 1099508) to support its work in the UK, Chile and around the world, fulfilling its mission “to create opportunities for people of all cultures to express themselves through music and work together, developing talent and improving individual life chances, and supporting cohesion in the communities in which we live, celebrating and nurturing a contemporary understanding of English musical and cultural heritage and traditions of solidarity within our community.”

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