Our Community

St. Paul’s has been at the heart of the community of Covent Garden for over 380 years! It has seen good times and bad times, times of renewal and times of decline. It has been a constant presence for the whole community – whether they attend regularly or not – and is a much loved part of this vibrant, complex and diverse part of the central London scene.

St Paul’s reaches out into the community in many ways. At the heart of our life is our weekly Sunday Eucharist, at which we pray, every week for all who live and work and spend their time in Covent Garden. We conduct Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals and Memorial Services for all local people who ask for them.

We also have two weekly lunchtime Eucharists, which are popular with local business people who pop in during their lunch break. We try, wherever possible, to support local businesses and local traders.

Many hundreds of people also spend their lunch – and dinner! – break in our award winning gardens, which are a haven of peace and tranquility in what can be a stressful part of the City. Because of our geography, many people don’t realise that there are beautiful gardens tucked behind the imposing façade of the church – and they often have a lovely surprise when they walk through the gates.

St Paul’s works closely with CapCo – the owners of the Piazza – on matters of mutual interest, and CapCo has generously supported some of our initiatives. St. Paul’s has supported a number of CapCo initiatives and planning applications.

St. Paul’s is an enthusiastic member of the Covent Garden Community Association – and hosts its annual Community Carol Service, which brings much of the community together.

St. Paul’s supports the Covent Garden Area Trust, and we work together to preserve the unique nature of the area. The Rector enthusiastically takes part in the Annual Rent Ceremony, which is a fun part of the Covent Garden summer.

St. Paul’s loves Pasta Brown, the great Italian restaurant just beyond our gates. You will often find the church staff enjoying a wonderful meal (and a glass or two of wine!) in that fantastic eatery.

Hundreds of children enjoy our May Fayre, held on the Second Sunday of May each year, which is also the world’s largest gathering of Punch and Judy professors.

St Paul’s facilitates the Street Performers’ Association, which is the trade body for the eclectic performances that take place all year under the portico of the church.

St Paul’s supports the Actors Benevolent Fund, the Drury Lane Charitable Trust, the Royal Theatrical Fund and the Make a Difference Trust, amongst many others.

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